We are pleased to announce the second solo exhibition by John Isaacs at our two Berlin gallery locations. Curated by Philipp Bollmann, the exhibition “Today I started loving you again” brings together new, as yet unseen works and older works by the artist to provide an impressive insight into the fascinating work of the past years.

Starting point for all works, the Berlin-based artist, are his explorations, observations and stories. They are what materialize in the works in very different ways and give a sculptural or pictorial form to those elementary and timeless themes that have always preoccupied us humans. Always our collective, human needs, longings and fears form the center of Isaac’s art. His works are always a bridge, affirming the known and leading to the unknown. Any forms of power and representation – which were once immanent in art – he gets rid of, or takes to absurdity, in order to open up new possibilities of representational value.

Among other things, the exhibition focuses on one aspect in particular: the examination of works from art history. Thus we encounter works by Rodin, Picasso, or Nauman in associative approaches – always alienated.

Isaacs detaches these works from their context in terms of content and time and transfers them to the present. New readings and codings emerge. For example, he emotionalizes Malevich’s black square by having it monitored with salt crystals that appear like sparkling diamonds or stars in the nighttime firmament. Malevich’s spiritual dimension is negated here and supplemented by a dimension that appeals to us in a pleasurable – sensual way. The crystals are of universal beauty. The work celebrates nature as a creative force. A victory of nature over art?

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