Art Basel Unlimited 2024

Hall 1.0 | Booth U46



Gary Kuehn’s most recent work, Reflections and Projections, is presented at Unlimited and is a space-filling installation of 50 small-format works on paper connected by an invisible horizontal line along the walls. Although Kuehn uses a conceptual formal language, his installation is autobiographical and can be understood as a physically tangible diary in which Kuehn explores emotional and physical connections in a broader sense and (pictorial) space in a “stream of consciousness” manner. Reflections and Projections embodies what underlies the entire oeuvre of American artist Gary Kuehn: the dynamics of human relationships, pairs of opposites, and the material as metaphor.

Born in 1939, Gary Kuehn became an outstanding representative of the post-minimalist era and radically shaped the concept of art in the 1960s. His work includes sculptures, objects, paintings, and installations. He has also created an extensive body of paintings, drawings, and action videos. Unlike Minimalist artists, he contrasts the elimination of all subjectivity with an abstraction of feeling in the geometric object. Since the 1960s, Kuehn has repeatedly explored questions of freedom and determination, free development of form and (social) restriction, always with the idea of breathing emotion into minimalism.

Today, Kuehn’s work is more political than ever, considering that he has always had metaphorical dimensions in mind with his abstract works. Reflections and Projections visualizes our present time, a time of great political upheaval, shifting international alliances, and increasing left-right tensions.

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