Anton Henning. Future and Grace, No. 1

Anton Henning is the master of contradictions whose special interest is modernism. In the exhibition “Zukunft und Anmut, No. 1” (Future and Grace, No. 1), he combines paintings, sculptures and furniture to create the design of beautiful living with the futility of idea and future in a composition specially tailored to the rooms of the Michael Haas Gallery. It is a multi-layered, sensual demonstration of the autopoietic system that the artist has been developing since the early nineties and which is constantly intensifying. The exhibition is the permanent expansion and concentration of a web of -isms referring to itself and modernity and its missed possibilities.

For all their thoughtfulness, the expansive staging of the exhibited works exudes a refreshing lightness: Anton Henning’s work is both a challenge and an inspiration. The numerous international public and private collections in which he is represented speak for themselves.

Installation views



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