Nicole Bianchet operates within various artistic fields. It is evident that Bianchet’s boundless passion for language, music, singing, photography, installations, and of course painting could never be separated. One aspect lives through the other because everything originates in emotions, experiences, and imagination due to mutual fertilisation. Her paintings illustrate the creative process, as they clearly show the signs of a fight for that which we have to face at the end.

Bianchet chooses large plywood panels as the medium for her imagery, which she not only paints, but also carves, putting great effort into the process. Layers of paint, one part informally varnished in play with the texture of the wood, the other part strongly covering, then again showing slight to deep damage of the surface through carving, scratching, and peeling with the knife, the wood rarely exposed or healing the wounds with colour. Bianchet uses the knife cuts to release abstract reason, creating irregular structures, lines, and natural forms.

However, it is never about the pure depiction of nature. The artist contrasts realistic reproduction with the absurd and the fantastic: with partially glowing, artificial colours, false spaces and perspectives, fictional plants and trees. Reality becomes illusion and illusion becomes reality. In her smaller works, which resemble large shards or fragments of wall plaster, the artist charms us with her alter ego as a femme fatale – seductive yet vulnerable, melancholic, even longing on the cracked cardboard or paper.

Bianchet studied painting under Karin Sander and Gustav Kluge from 1995 to 2002 at the renown Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe. As a masterclass student of Kluge, himself a painter through and through, she nevertheless felt the impulse not to draw clear distinctions between the arts. At the same time, she trained in classical singing, leading her to release multiple albums to this today.






1975 born in Los Angeles (USA)

1995-2001 studied painting under Karin Sander and Gustav Kluge at the Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe (GER)

1995-2000 studied classic singing under Inge Bidlingmeier, Karlsruhe (GER)

2001-2002 Master student of Gustav Kluge

lives and works since 2002 in Holland and Berlin

Grants and Awards


awarded artistic grant from the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Else-Heiliger-Fonds (GER)


artist in residence, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

artist in residence, deWillem3, Vlissingen (NL)


album production at Beat Studio, Berlin, sponsored by the administration of Berlin (Senat von Berlin)


Debut 004/005, catalogue and exhibition sponsored by the administration of Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe (GER)


artist in residence at Centro Cultural Andratx, Mallorca (ESP)


Erasmus exchange at Norwich School of Art and Design, Norwich (UK)

Solo-exhibitions (selected)


NICOLE BIANCHET. PLAY .. WORK .. FINISH, Kunst- und KulturWerkHaus ZIGARRE e.V., Heilbronn


Neverland, Museum im Kleihues-Bau, Kornwestheim


Nicole Bianchet, Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin


House of Silence, Kunstverein Pforzheim im Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim

Echoes of Artificial Landscapes (with Tamara Dees, Kees Wijker), curated by

Lorenzo Benedetti, De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal, Middelburg (NL)

Nicole Bianchet – Donna Stolz (Profile in der Kunst am Oberrhein), Sammlung Hurrle,

Museum für aktuelle Kunst, Durbach


Daphne’s Grove, Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin


Waldeinsamkeit, Georg Scholz Haus, Waldkirch


Meduse me, Galerie Haas AG, Zürich (CH) (cat.)


Listen to my Siren Songs, Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin

Barbalien Nights, de Willem3, Vlissingen (NL)

Wünschelwas, Stadtgalerie Schwaz, Tirol (A)


Fiction rules Reality, deWillem3, Vlissingen (NL)


Die Türme zu Blabbel oder der Heilway zur Doppelhöhle, with Catherine Lorent, Westgermany, Berlin


Art Brûlé with Alex Tennigkeit, le 9bis, St. Etienne (F)

Nicole Bianchet, Galerie Felix von Döring, Schwäbisch Hall

Narcisuss, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Rostock


Dry heart 2, Klara Wallner Galerie, Berlin


Coup de Coeur (Focus Berlin), with Markus Sixay & Simone Gilges, Crac Alsace, Altkirch (F)

You Eat Butterflies, with Andro Wekua at PaK Glückstadt (GER) (cat.)

Debut 004/005, with Michael Stumpf, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe (GER) (cat.)


There’s no place like home, Taubenstrasse 13, Hamburg

Nicole Bianchet, Klara Wallner Galerie, Berlin


KSC, with Alex Tennigkeit & Conni Brintzinger, Autocenter, Berlin


Sommer war super, M3 Kunsthalle, Berlin

Group-exhibitions (selected)


Clash Valencia Berlin, Sporting Club Russafa, València


PAINTING still ALIVE… On the way to modernity, Centre of Contemporary Art, Toruń/Poland


Wohin das Auge reicht. Neue Einblicke in die Sammlung Würth, Kunsthalle Würth, Schwäbisch Hall


Mir ist das Leben lieber / I Prefer Life – Sammlung Reydan Weiss, Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen

Botschaft, Uferhallen Berlin Wedding, Berlin


10 x 10, Akademie der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin

Bitzel Britzel, Kunst im Taut Haus, Berlin


Echoes of Artificial Landscapes (with Tamara Dees and Kees Wijker), De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal), Middelburg (NL)

MiniAnimism.Kling & Bang, Reykjavik (Island)


Dawn of the hermetics, Kosmetiksalon Babette, Bar i.d. Karl-Marx Allee, Berlin

The legend of the shelves, Autocenter, Berlin

Traum und Realität, Aliseo Art Project No.5 in Kooperation mit Galerie Michael Haas, Gengenbach (GER)

Landschaft nach 2000, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Osnabrück (GER)

Imaginäre Lösungen – in diesem Sinne III, Munikat (open creative place), Munich


Landschaftsgaenger, Parotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart and Berlin (GER)

Hängung #8 / Surface: die Poesie des Materials – Sammlung Alison & Peter W. Klein, Eberdingen-Nussdorf (GER)

Rosarot mit Spitze – Über Klischees weiblicher Kunst – Galerie Sima, Nuremberg (GER)


Paris Karlsruhe Berlin, Vents d’Est et d’Ouest, Collection Würth et Prets, Musée Würth France Erstein (F)

La Vallée Patibulaire, at the old slaughterhouse in Berlin-Schöneberg on the “Roten Insel”, Berlin (GER)

Description, image and works of art CCA Andratx 10 Años del Programa de Residencias – La Colección del CCA Andratx. 2001 – 2011 / KUNSTHALLE – CCA Andratx, Andratx Send message


An die Natur – Die ALTANA Kunstsammlung, Langen Foundation, Hombroich/Neuss (GER)

Nicole Bianchet. Daniela Danz. Ondrej Drescher. Miriam Rose Gronwald. Ulla Lenze. Julia Rüther. Dennis Scholl. Benjamin Schweitzer. Natalia Stachon. Chris Succo, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin (GER)

10 Jahre PaK – Palais für aktuelle Kunst, Glückstadt (GER)

Passion fruits picked from the Olbricht Collection – me Collectors Room Berlin, Berlin (GER)

PENTAGONADE invites: Bianchet, Bittermann, Brintzinger, Duka, Hamm, Hammwoehner, Lorent, Passeri, Soisson, Suerkemper, Vanderbosch, Vormstein, Weinecke, Galerie im Regierungsviertel/The Forgotten Bar, Berlin (GER)

Press Art – Annette and Peter Nobel Collection, Museum für Moderne Salzburg, Salzburg (A)

Landschaften, Aliseo Art Project No.2 in cooperation with Galerie Michael Haas, Gengenbach (GER)


ZEIGEN, an audiotour, curated by Karin Sander, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin (GER)

Baden goes Berlin, Collection Hurrle, Baden-Baden (GER)

Open, Zoya Museum, Modra (SK)

Big in Japan, Arcus Projekt, Moriya Itatoi Ibaraki (J)

Family Jewels, Bahnwärterhaus, curated by Damien Deroubaix and Conny Becker, Projektraum der Villa Merkel, Esslingen (GER)

Dieseits der Alpen: Hunger, Jenseits der Alpen: Durst, curated by Klaus Winichner, Berlin (GER)

Swinging on the wrecking Ball, with John Bock, Andreas Hofer… curated by Gebrüdern Baden and Margit Haupt, Ferenbalm-Gurbrü Station, Karlsruhe (GER)


Techne, with Sebastian Hammwöhner, Uwe Henneken, Anselm Reyle, Alex Tennigkeit, Gabriel Vormstein and Klaus Winichner, Galerie Michael Haas und Galerie Haas & Fuchs, Berlin (GER) (cat.)

Final Closing Show, with Roger Herman, Paul McCarthy…, Black Dragon Society, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

The Stage, a World, (Performance with Catherine Lorent) Winstead Adams Projects and Phantom Galleries LA, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Art Swap, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

The Measure of Value, curated by Klaus Winichner, Berlin-Pankow (GER)

UND#3, Karlsruhe (GER)

Family Jewels, curated by Conny Becker & Damien Deroubaix, Bongout, Berlin (GER)


Autocenter Neuer Eröffnung, Autocenter, Berlin (GER) (cat.)

Summertime and the, with Sigmar Polke, Kit Brown…, Ferenbalm-Gurbrü Station, Karlsruhe (GER)

Our affects fly out of the field of human reality, curated by Klaus Winichner, Galerie Sandra Bürgel, Berlin (GER)

Die Wechsel der Zustände, Zustand, Berlin (GER)

Bookish relations, Bibliothekswohnung, Berlin (GER)

Space Invasion, curated by Elsy Lahner, Vienna (A)

Inky Toy Affinitas, curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Cerealart, Philadelphia (USA)

INTER_09, INTER Projekte, Berlin (GER)


Slices of Life – Contemporary Photography, with Martin Kippenberger, Pipilotti Rist, Richard Prince…, Ferenbalm-Gurbrü Station, Karlsruhe (GER)

Leinzell open again, with Dennis Oppenheim, Axel Heil…, Collection Wickleder, Leinzell (GER)

Wir hätten das Land gern weit und rund und Sie…, showroom berlin, Berlin (GER) (cat.)

Die schöne Nacht im Liebeskraut, Kastanienallee 86, Berlin (GER)


Leinzell open, with Paul McCarthy, Jason Rhoades…, Collection Wickleder, Leinzell


Unplugged, Prenzlauer Promenade 23, Berlin

subversiv, sexy und stilvoll – malerei heute, Stadtmuseum Jena, Jena


Bang Bang Berlin, bergstübl PROJEKTE, Berlin


Top MeisterschülerInnen 01, Kunstverein Offenburg/Städtische Galerie, Offenburg

Curatorial Projects


Sommerprogramm deWillem3, Vlissingen (NL)


inter berlin with Conni Brintzinger, Keyfo Temur & Markus Paetz


showroom berlin with Conni Brintzinger